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Rednex2001 is the year that JOE, JAY, DAGGER and SCARLET took the stage and stole the hearts of the German public. Scarlet (female vocals), Dagger (male vocals), Joe Cagg (vocals + guitar) and Jay Lee (violin + guitar) have all been previously involved with record-releasing projects and touring as entertainers. They are the 5th set of performers in Rednex since the start in 1994, which then makes a total of 11 performers.Later in 2004 Crock joined.

RednexAfter years of touring together and single releases they took a break and the rednex torch was carried by new members.

But due to popular demand for this original combination of performers, and after almost 24 months break they are back! Back together and performing the fantastic REDNEX SHOW, with the blessing of Big Boss and REDNEX founder Ranis Edenberg, the group is exclusively available for booking right here at www.rockstarmedia.net Email or call us under Contact.

We are incredibly proud of Rednex and our time in the band and want once again to share this with the fans and friends that have continually supported us as individuals and as 'rednex' through its many journeys. Life is precious, love is to be shared, so come join us, lets get happy ;) DONT MISS IT!! >


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