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Scarlet Pic 1Scarlet is a Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Co Producer, Manageress, and Company Director - but she is probably better known to most of us as Scarlet, the feisty former lead singer of the hugely successful No 1 European pop group Rednex.

She has for the last 5 years been on constant tour with the group, playing at live concerts in front of large crowds, ranging on average from 2000 to 100,000 people. New Years Eve 2001 in Berlin, she played to 1.2 million people at the Brandenburg Tor, before flying off to play for the King of Morocco for his birthday party and then onto Romania to play for the Prime Minister and the Ambassador of the USA.

Scarlet Pic 2Rednex still enjoy great success in Europe, especially in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. She is of course very familiar with TV and radio shows and promotion, and this along with the live shows and good contact with fans over their website, has earned her a strong and loyal fan base with many a fan site dedicated purely to her. Rednex have 10 top 40 hits under their belt, with four 1 million selling singles. They have sold in excess of 12 million records and hold the position as the group with the most weeks at number one in the German charts, at 25 weeks. The followed in 2nd place by Modern Talking with 18 weeks at number one.

Rednex earned this reputation with the dance pop track Cotton eye Joe, 9 weeks number 1, the love song Wish you were here, 6 weeks number 1, and in 2001, Spirit of the hawk, 10 weeks number 1 - Not to mention the many other top ten hits. Rednex are well known for the wild and exciting full energy and non-stop powerful live show, fronted by Scarlet.

Scarlet Pic 3Prior to Rednex, Scarlet had great chart success in Asia with the group Dreamhouse - which sold around 80,000 albums, and 3 million in compilations - with Brian Rawlings Productions and writer Paul Barry. She also had hits as the voice of trance band Skipraiders having hits in UK and Australia, with Paul Oakenfolds label Perfecto.

Scarlet is also a prolific songwriter and has worked for KPM & EMI worldwide and Universal as well as with many co writers in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Norway and Germany, amongst others.

Scarlet Pic 4Since her departure from Rednex in 2005 she has been busy concentrating on her writing career, not only for her own album but also tracks for other artists, with such acclaimed songwriter teams as Deekay (Denmark), Baylis Music (U.K) and Diablo (U.K). In addition to that she has teamed up with successful International dance producer DJ Jan Wayne, and recorded a project with him for release this year. As if that were not enough, she has also started her own Artist Management and projects company, and already has a number of aspiring talents under her wing, and a number of clients and collaborations supporting her venture. She will be delving into all aspects of artist development as well as Producing, Running a label, Events, Workshops, and Art promotion. The future looks bright…

For further info see:

Official site: www.allaboutscarlet.com - currently under construction

Unofficial Fansite: www.scarlys-fanclub.de.vu

Myspace: www.myspace.com/1scarlet

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