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Sirius Dog

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Sirius Dog LogoLong ago, in ancient times, there was a mystical star sign DOGS, led by a magical star called SIRIUS. Being the brightest star of the Heavens SIRIUS was believed to be the planet of the Gods and was worshipped by the Maya’s, Pharaohs and Atlanteans…

Thousands of years passed away and SIRIUS was forgotten. Until recently, when the ascendants of this far away planet created a funny, mysterious and musical creature…

Sirius Dog Pic 1Sent to Earth with a mission; To help the people to remember; To spread the colours of the rainbow onto their darkness; And to bring them songs of truth, love and happiness; reminiscent in parts of Manu Chao with a bittersweet twist of hippy pop!

Sirius Dog, is 26 year old Roy Van Der Haagen ,who was formerly a member of Rednex (the hugely successful international band with over 12 million sales worldwide and especially well known for it’s # 1 hits Cotton Eye Joe, Wish you were here and Spirit of the Hawk!). He has now gone solo with a seriously funny, yet moving act.

Sirius Dog Pic 2In balancing Yin & Yang, through mixing confronting lyrics with happy tunes, Sirius Dog has created a theatrical live-show beyond the boundaries of ones imagination. A show that has proven to be an unforgettable experience, leaving its footprints and colours, on many hearts. A prolific songwriter, with a unique personal presence and onstage vibe rarely seen in today’s pop market.

Sirius Dog Pic 3He was winner of a mainstream TV talent show quest and went on to win 3 Live talent search contests in a row, in Holland, with top name industry judges, all tipping this act as one to watch!

With Sirius Dog, not only a new star is born, but a new sound as well. In this time of musical copy cats, we can offer you without doubt a refreshingly unrivalled unique product.

Sirius Dog Pic 4Are you searching for true authenticity, unlike anything you have ever seen or heard? Then we believe you have found it in Sirius Dog.

For further info see:

Unofficial Fansite: www.siriusdogfanclub.de.vu

Myspace: www.myspace.com/siriusdognl

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