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Super Pimp

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Super Pimp LogoOh my god…..what is it. ? Is it a bird, is it a plane? Oh no, it’s Super Pimp


Super Pimp Pic 1We know you’ve all heard of Superman and Super girl, sent to save your lives, well now its time to introduce you to the next Superhero. This time the Superhero of party mania is here. Yes it is true, the year 2005 was the year of the Pimp and Pimpcess and all things bling bling. Cars, houses, even people, all got pimped. Continuing into 2006, there is no stopping this trend. So make way in your town, on your stage, or in your venue, because the true master of bling is gearing up to Pimp your Party! He’s teamed up with his bling bling homies and is here to add some loved up sparkle and dazzle to your world! After all it’s his duty, duty...To get ya’ll to shake your booty booty’s.

Super Pimp Pic 2Coming with a pumpin’ pimpin’ track and an unforgettable show he is unstoppable. Never seen without his sexy side kicks, Shows means ho’s! So take time to sit down and listen to the clips, take a look at the pictures. But beware ya’ll can’t open your eyes without sunglasses! It’s truly time to PIMP up the jam...Pimp it up pimp it up :)

A songwriter collaboration between Scarlet (Rednex (SE)/Universal(DE)/DJ rap (UK/USA), Allan Eshuijs (Unit songs/Do/Pop stars NL&DE ) Ludovic Bource (Orishas/Alain Bashing/Emi/Universal France) and Paul Hullegie (Planetroc DE) amongst other acclaimed hit writers, paves the way for an exciting album project.

Fansite - www.superpimpfanclub.de.vu

Myspace: www.myspace.com/superpimp06

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